What 108 is ?

In Indian astrology we have 12 houses and 9 planets. 12 times 9 equals to 108. We thus bring into context the space theme that our properties have and the series of properties we own derived from the names of various moons in the galaxy.

What we do?

We are a one stop solution for the housing needs of the millennial, be it student housing or employee housing in question. We take up properties close to Universities/ Colleges or Tech hubs and turn them into high quality, well maintained and affordable living solutions that are youthful, vibrant and professionally managed homes. We not only market and manage the facility but also cater to other needs of the students thus creating a premium quality student ecosystem evolving into a larger and larger community every day. We believe in nurturing and shaping young minds to be responsible global citizens for the society as a whole while letting them have both wild and fun experiences of their own. 108 is set to impact lives, touch hearts and empower minds all in one go.

Our Origin Story

Our origin story isn't what you would exactly call ordinary. We started off with our first plot at the Khinvasara hostel, our maiden property a year ago. The year has been a rather crazy ride for us founders. 108 hostels has been a long dream of Snehal Khinvasara that finally took shape, after work began over this project. Our story begins when a younger Snehal had a rather bad experience at one of her stays outside over deposit money, she then took it on herself to begin to change that. To make a place that would be home and something people would look forward to go to after a long day outside. A little place they can call home away from home. So with that thought in mind, she started looking for other properties, where she teamed up with several people along the way to build her long awaited dream. Paving the path to form a right knit community that resembles an ecosystem of its own for a student's lifetime and thus helping them making memories of a lifetime.

Our mission

Our dream has always been to be at thepinnacle of hostels, co-workings and stay-ins. It stands for residents to carry the joyous and free spirit of 108 with them even after they leave our residence areas, and remain a part of our 108 community. Primarily, our dream revolves around the constant urge to keep pushing ourselves and aiming for providing the best comfort possible, home within your reach. We bring these to you with our top notch and well-managed services curtailed specially to suit the needs of our residents. Working till we finally sit on the throne of hostel chains.